Yes, Social Media Builds Brand But It Is Nothing Without Substance

It’s easy to think social media is a trivial diversion, ideal for 20-something’s with an addiction to technology and too much time on their hands. However, recruiters are embracing new technology in the social media arena to gain the best candidates for open positions. No matter the objection, companies need to ensure that they are still able to get good candidates identified through social media.

In today’s day and age, top recruiters need to be able to effectively recruit with social media to continue to brand as top talent destination with serious substance. Luckily, some best practices have emerged that make a social media recruiting process a bit easier.

Especially when you’re looking college recruiting or recruiting passive talent for a company, social media can’t be overlooked. 2012 will be an enchanting year to see how new recruiting offerings will impact the marketplace using Facebook’s social graph as its back end. Today, BranchOut is best known for this integration, though many other applicant tracking systems and recruiting programs have a feature that utilizes Facebook for sourcing functions and connecting people with jobs.

If your organization is looking to dip their toes into the social media pool, start with following tips to add some substance beyond the hype:

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  • Be aware of your audience — If you’re struggling to find mid-to-senior level executives, social media might not be a place to start your search. However, if you need entry-level, tech-savvy candidates, utilizing Facebook or Twitter will be critical collection for attracting that talent.
  • Incorporate video — When recruiting those in Generation Y, consider using a video to share your company and demonstrate things that set you apart from other companies. Using attention-grabbing content in your video will position your company as forward-thinking, helping to attract the best talent.
  • Think big — Let’s start ‘big picture’ and then focus in on social media itself. It seems to me that the big issue facing recruiters is the fact talent sourcing will become increasingly fragmented. Years ago, we got our candidates from newspaper advertising. Period. That was basically it. Then we had choice between newspapers and online job boards. In the future, it’s going to be far more fluid and far more dynamic. Today’s whiz-bang social networking phenomena will be replaced by something else in time. And that new medium, in turn, will be superseded by something even more appealing and pervasive.

Sourcers have to be super dexterous, tuned-in, and flexible when it comes to sourcing talent, or we could be fishing for candidates in a dead pond before we know it.

The bottom line when attracting top employees with social media is to always safeguard out greatest skills as a gifted recruiter: attracting top candidates with solid communication as its backbone. Social media should be a pivotal member to your recruiting strategy.

Sparsh Ahuja has been in sourcing for the last 2+ years. Currently, Sparsh is a part of Cognilytics talent acquisition and resource management team. He is focused on designing and implementing social media recruitment strategies that best suit Cognilytics business needs and establishes Cognilytics as an "Employer of Choice" in a competitive market. Prior to joining Cognilytics, he was associated with an Executive Search firm. Sparsh is passionate about recruiting and sourcing strategies that leverage social networks (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Blogs, Google+, Twingly), Boolean search and traditional networking. In parallel, Sparsh is actively researching and building knowledge on "Diversity Recruiting."


4 Comments on “Yes, Social Media Builds Brand But It Is Nothing Without Substance

  1. Hey Sparsh, firstly – great to see you here. We need more people from Indian fraternity to contribute over here as I believe we have a great talent community on recruiting / sourcing in India.

    Good thoughts. Social Media is just a tool and not the entire solution. Content is king. Candidates will only get engaged with content of their interest. Social media is just a platform which needs to be used diligently by sourcers with ability to “hear” your audience – not just “tell”.

    1. Thanks Sarang for your meaningful words.

      We need to understand on how to get the best out of
      the digital social explosion. A cursory glance will show you recruiters using
      Twitter as a job board, personal Facebook pages to connect with clients, and
      LinkedIn as a place to share banter and weekend war stories. All wrong.

      exciting aspect of the boom in social technologies is not all about the
      technology, (sorry geeks). It’s the ‘social’ part.

      1. @SparshAhuja:disqus : great insights. You hit the bulls eye..when you mention its the ‘social’ part -not the technology.
        @twitter-15739809:disqus : Yes, ‘hearing’ , is the first listening – before one gets to engage, meaningfully. And only then can we hope to influence. So, there is a long way to go :)!
        Looking back, I recall-it was mid 90s- I was asked -at the launch of a Computer training institute–by an enthusiastic father- ‘what are the job prospects for those who do these courses?”. I said..’I am not sure. But I surely know..that not knowing how to use them- you are at a risk of losing your job’. It sounds pretty elementary now..but I guess time will come..when we will realise..recruitment is about ‘people & emotions & feelings’…not mere ‘skills’.

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