Why I Love SourceCon – Learning From Great Sourcers and Recruiters


If you read the speaker’s bio on Eric Jaquith, it understates the real talent and influence that Eric has on the sourcing world. I think of Eric as the sourcer’s sourcer. If a sourcer needs a deep dive on a technology or a process, then Eric should be on your speed dial.

Last fall at ERE, I was discussing travel plans with a friend. I knew he had commuted from Atlanta to the conference by car with Eric. He mentioned that he was flying back to Atlanta and I curious why he did not want to travel by car with Eric (frankly, I cannot imagine a more interesting trip than being locked in a car for eight hours discussing sourcing, recruiting and business from Eric’s perspective). My friend replied that his brain still hurt from the trip down.

Jaquith_EricI doubt that Eric will fry our brains in 75 minutes, but I am looking forward to what he has to day. I still refer to notes that I have taken from previous sessions with Eric.

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One of the aspects of SourceCon that I enjoy is learning and sharing. While most of my time will be spent learning from others, I also have an opportunity to share with the SourceCon audience. While I do not believe they are saving the best for last, I am the last speaker of the last day (Monday) and invite you to take a later flight and join me in a discussion of Employing Talent Communities to Rehumanize the Recruiting Process.

Make sure to join us March 14-15th in San Diego at SourceCon – register today!

Marvin Smith is veteran talent acquisition practitioner who focuses on strategic talent sourcing, talent community building, social recruiting, employment branding, and the use of technology to drive talent identification and engagement strategies. He has been on teams that were at the forefront of resurgence of talent sourcing as a strategic weapon in talent acquisition. These teams piloted groundbreaking programs (ERE-Media-award-winning) work that used business intelligence, data, and technology to segment the target talent audiences and build talent pipelines and communities. His current role is a strategic talent sourcing consultant with Lockheed Martin, where he is responsible for talent pipeline building for critical skills talent; project management of a RMP (recruitment marketing platform); and driving corporate-wide, talent community initiatives. Previously, he served as senior research recruiter on an internal executive recruiting team with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; a strategic sourcing program manager with Blackberry (Research In Motion); and a talent sourcer/program manager for Microsoft. He is a writer and speaker on the topics of talent communities, strategic talent sourcing, Moneyball sourcing, and talent acquisition strategies. You can follow his blog or join a community that he created on talent community development or follow him on Twitter.


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  1. Eric was “the” highlight of my first trip to ERE a year ago. I know a number of people whom Eric has coached and shared ideas and creativity with, and am one of them! I’m very much looking forward to see Eric (and, of course, Marvin!) again.


    My nickname for Eric is “The Ninja”

    He has caused me on more than one occassion to say “Eric my brain is temporarily saturated.”

    A Pro. 

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