What is the Current State of Recruiting?

Editor’s Note: Last year, SourceCon conducted a “State of Sourcing” survey that was very well received. It’s time for us to help Todd Raphael, Editor of ERE.net, gain a deeper understanding of the “State of Recruiting” by completing this survey.

Among the most common requests we’ve gotten over the last decade and a half is for data that’ll help you compare your department to others, gauge the state of the profession, and just get a sense of how your peers tend to do things. We’re compiling this information, and we’d love for you to take a survey that’ll help. By taking the State of Recruiting survey, you’ll get a summary of results emailed to you.

Topics include everything from:

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  • What you outsource and what you don’t
  • Who your department reports to
  • Who your department should report to
  • The metrics you pay attention to
  • Whether your department is growing or not
  • How you decide if a hire was a quality one

… and more.

Click here to take the survey. We’ll present the full results at a special session at the first day of the ERE Recruiting Conference & Expo in San Diego.


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  1. Are there still companies recruiting out there? From a candidate’s perspective (data science), the current state of recruiting is dead.

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