Webinar – Accelerate Your Talent Sourcing Success with Telephone Research:

Join Conni LaDouceur in this one-hour webinar, sponsored by Jobvite, as she demonstrates the “how-to” of successful and ethical telephone identification.

Various take-home topics covered in this insightful webinar are: how to identify the qualified talent you seek from the very companies the hiring manager/client wants to recruit from, how to overcome rejection and sidestep the “gatekeeper”, how to efficiently and effectively obtain the names of the entire group/dept./team, how to build the competitive intelligence and make each call count, how to add value to your client beyond just presenting candidates, and so much more!

With actual recorded calls as real life examples to reflect the technical, professional, and ethical aspect that is telephone sourcing, this is one webinar you don’t want to miss!

Register here: https://cc.readytalk.com/r/rsp9x2yz5m2t&eom

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Unable to attend on those dates? No problem. Register online for the Feb. 11 webinar and you will automatically receive a link to the webinar recording to view at your convenience.

As always the SourceCon webinars are complimentary.


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