Thoughts From @SourcingShannon On Sourcing, Automation, and Candidate Experience by @Derdiver

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Shannon Prichett came to SourceCon Dallas with an important message.

Sourcers need to be just as involved with the candidate experience as the employers we work forClick To Tweet

One candidate experience stats she shared: 80% of companies think they are offering a great candidate experience where only 8% are. Automation is, in a way, the cause for this. By the end of next year, 85% of the recruitment process will be automated. What does this mean? Basically, candidates will experience no human interaction up to the point of interviews.

Don’t forget:

We source people, not machinesClick To Tweet

People are going to share their experience with others. Shannon reminded the audience that people who have a bad experience will tell 100 people. Alternatively, when they have a good experience, they will tell 10. That’s a crazy number to think about. I don’t know about you but I would rather have 10 people that want to talk to me than 100 who don’t.

Shannon repeatedly emphasized that one cannot automate engagement, period. What do we need to do?

  • Be creative
  • Improve our sales and interpersonal skills
  • Leverage new channels
  • Be data driven
  • Demonstrate quality and efficiency

Shannon doesn’t advocate skipping automation. She just thinks we need to use it the right way.

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Engagement is a piece of the process she is one piece of the process she feels should not be automated. We need to reach out and talk to the candidate, not just about the job or money, but also about culture and environment. The second most important reason candidates take a job is based on the culture of the company and the environment they will be working in.

Everyone is different so learn as much as you can about them and tailor each message to increase your chances of a positive response. Two tools Shannon recommends that will help you learn more about prospective candidates are Prophet and CrystalKnows.

Nothing beats seeing a presentation live but I hope I’ve shared a few things that will improve your sourcing today!

Derek Zeller draws from over 20 years in the recruiting industry. The last 16 years he has been involved with federal government recruiting specializing in the cleared IT space under OFCCP compliance. Currently, he is the Director of Recruiting Solutions for Engage Talent. He has experience with both third-party agency and in-house recruiting for multiple disciplines. Using out-of-the-box tactics and strategies to identify and engage talent, he has had significant experience in building referral and social media programs, the implementation of Applicant Tracking Systems, technology evaluation, and the development of sourcing, employment branding, and military and college recruiting strategies. Derek currently lives in the Portland area. Now, he is the Director of Recruiting Solutions and Channels with Engage.


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