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Stranger Things is a Netflix Phenomenon, a dark, otherworldly adventure centered around a group of middle school kids who play Dungeons and Dragons. This scenario is based in the 1980s, way before the time of Baldur’s Gate and the abundant D&D video games out there today. The save and hit point ratios had to be determined by a specific number sided die, not an automatic PC algorithm.

This group of kids, this fellowship, band together to fight monstrous creatures of the “upside down,” a dark dimension filled with countless dangers. I watched all the episodes of both seasons, and it was fantastic! However, the Guild they formed reminds me very much of our Sourcing Community.

We don’t battle dark demons of the underworld, but we sure do band together to solve problems. Whether it’s asking a question, building an app or website, writing something down, or finding hidden functionality somewhere…we all do our part to keep our party members well informed and away from traps.


The Upside-Found

This is crazy. I remember a time when I was hammering phone calls out in a cubical, completely focused on metrics and hitting my numbers for the month. Now, I’m focused on what tools I can build or manipulate to extract the true data of my effort. Instead of tracking pipelines via monotonous data entry, we search for ways to integrate, automate, streamline, and combine technologies. Pretty cool stuff, and way more advanced than just pulling numbers.

It’s very impressive seeing developer types like Glenn Gutmacher, and Kameron Kales bridge the gap between recruiting and programming, as well as see Jeremy Langhans and Paired Sourcing live stream on Twitch. Even now, I find myself experimenting with plugins and combining apps to search code repositories in ways I’d couldn’t fathom years ago.

And it all started with one conference…


THE SourceCon

I never thought I’d get one article published, much less 30. Yet the content keeps flowing as our field changes.

Excitement rises as tech like Airtable and Zapier expand into our realm, and people continue to experiment and ask questions.

Intelligent automation in recruitment sometimes seems like it’s just around the corner. It’s like a verge of a new renaissance, and we are all at the forefront.


It’s not me; It’s You!

It is totally you. That’s why we present, share ideas, and nerd out completely. With every comment, thought, or spark of innovation that happens, YOU are why the contributors write, post, present, and continue the cycle. Those “wow” moments, jaw drops, wide-eyed expressions are why people join the Sourcing Guild, and why they keep coming back.

I know many of you are just like me, you don’t know where to begin or who to talk to. Whether you are a new attendee or already know quite a few people, talk to everyone you can! You never know what person may sit next to you, they could be a hidden sourcing wizard with magical computer powers.

Don’t ever think you are too good to learn, or that you can’t teach someone something new. Anyone can learn, and anyone can be a mentor. All you need is an open mind, the courage to ask a question, or the human kindness to answer.


Buffing All Stats

If adventuring on a sourcing quest, I’d recommend checking out these sites and persons of interest (they’ll help you from getting mobbed or pulling too much aggro). Like Stranger Things, the writing in this plotline is superb; these are just a few of the talented sourcing contributors out there.

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Aaron “Hackerman” Lintz: Keynote Speaker and probably a Robot.

Steve Levy: Welcome Wagon Captain and one heck of a human being.

Dean Da Costa:  See his Tools Site and YouTube Page.

Derek “The Dude” Zeller: Stellar writer and an awesome human being.

Shannon Pritchett: Editor of SourceCon, an excellent writer on all things sourcing.

The Anonymous Crew, as well as the other Speakers.  Find them, bug them, ask them lots of questions!

Mike “Sneakers” Chuidian

Grandmaster Randy Bailey

Susanna #NotAHufflepuff Frazier

Kevin “Captain Kirk” Walters

And there’s me, that HRSourcingToolbox Guy. This month, we will #FightForTheUsers and #BreakTheVault. 

One conversation, one conference, one chance, sometimes that’s all it takes.

Join the Guild, and we will find what you are looking for. I’ll see you in Vegas!

Greg Hawkes is a Strategic Talent Sourcer, Speaker, Author, and Founder of the HRSourcingToolbox. He has worked as both a Technical Recruiter and Sourcing Analyst for healthcare, engineering, biotechnology, manufacturing and many other industries. He has been in the recruitment field for over 10 years, and got into heavy sourcing and headhunting back in 2012. He is an ongoing contributor to SourceCon – with topics ranging from Site Searches and CSEs, to Deep Dives andURL Sourcing. While preparing to speak at SourceCon 2017, he built the HRSourcingToolbox with a large inventory of Free Recruitment and Sourcing Tools. He has recently joined Houghton Mifflin Harcourt as a Strategic Sourcer and loving every minute of it! He is a huge fan of emerging technologies and Boolean Syntax and always willing to share a technique or hack to find the elusive purple squirrel.


5 Comments on “The Sourcing Guild

  1. Thanks for the mention likewise! I remember when then-SourceCon editor Jeremy Roberts told me my short how-to on using Outwit Hub to scrape people Data was the most popular SourceCon video of 2013 (I presented a longer SourceCon session on it the same year). This was because the previous (and first ever) session on it was in 2010 by Mike Notaro. It seemed like nobody had talked about it in the 3-year interim (Mikey has always been ahead of his time!). I thought, WTF, why isn’t everyone using something like this? Fast forward to today and you can’t find a techie sourcer who doesn’t have at least 1 way to scrape (usually DataMiner nowadays). I’m proud that more than a couple of well-known SourceCon folks have told me that my Outwit demo got them started in sourcing automation, and OMG how far that’s come. Kudos to Greg and everyone else who keeps experimenting and sharing what they learn. It accelerates the evolution of the sourcing profession. And don’t ever let any TA leader get away with saying “oh, that’s just a junior recruiter.”

  2. Some day, I’m gonna make it to SourceCon and be able to have a beer with you guys. But first, I need to level up. A lot.

    1. Ed, I think you have that backward: you come to SourceCon to help level yourself up (though in your case, I think you’re just fine). The only folks who are expected to be levelled up are the presenters, but even they learn at least as much as they dish out. As far as having beers, once sourcers start drinking a lot, their sourcing skills get less impressive (but the conversation is more fun) so you’ll level up just fine then!

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