Cyndy Davis
SourceCon Grandmaster Winner 2018

Cyndy Davis, SPHR is an Engagement Manager for IQ Talent Partners. Her former roles include sourcing, recruiting and leadership roles at Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, and TimeWarner. She is the 2018 SourceCon Grandmaster Challenge Champion and self-proclaimed sourcing junky.




Randy Bailey
SourceCon Grandmaster Winner 2017 

A Career Consumer Insights & Analytics expert, the 2017 SourceCon Grandmaster, has a decade of “deep dive” sourcing experience in both corporate and retained environments.  He brings a relentless passion and genuine enthusiasm to talent sourcing, sharing best practices and partnering with others to make Talent Acquisition more efficient and effective. When he’s not connecting the dots to amazing talent, Randy can be found hiking through India or Africa, exploring a new restaurant or out in Boston Harbor on a sailboat. Check out how he beat the machine and won the 2017 Grandmaster title.



Kerri Mills
SourceCon Grandmaster Winner 2015 

Kerri Mills has a diverse background as both a corporate and agency recruiter and is currently working for Indeed.com as the Manager of Global Executive Recruiting. She got her start in the recruitment industry doing high-volume recruiting and has worked for companies such as Xerox, Liberty Mutual and PayPal recruiting for all different functions in various regions around the world. She is an AIRS Certified Internet Sourcer and holds the title of 2015 SourceCon Grandmaster. Kerri is especially passionate about engagement and improving the candidate experience.

I competed in the SourceCon challenge…and you should too!



Jim Schnyder
SourceCon Grandmaster Winner 2014 

Jim Schnyder is the 2011 & 2014 SourceCon Grand Master and Founder/Principal Consultant for “Recruiting Advisors,” a strategic consulting firm providing training and technology best practices to the sourcing and recruiting industry.   With over 20 years of recruiting experience, Jim is a frequent speaker on industry best practices and strategies. Jim has worked on both the agency and corporate side of the staffing business for such companies as Management Recruiters, Perot Systems, and PepsiCo. Jim is a native of St. Louis and a graduate of the University of Missouri – Columbia. He and his wife Yadira live in Frisco, TX with their children Jake and Isabella.



Kameron Swinton
SourceCon Grandmaster Winner 2013 

Kameron has 12+ years of experience as a full lifecycle recruiter, sourcer and talent acquisition leader for some of the world’s best known and fastest growing companies. During that time, he has hired everything from engineers to executives, marketing to manufacturing and scientists to software developers. He’s a previous SourceCon GrandMaster who is passionate about applying technology to solve recruiting problems and simplify his sourcing efforts.

Meet the New Sourcing Grand Master Kameron Swinton



Jim Schnyder
SourceCon Grandmaster Winner 2011 

Jim won the ultra-difficult 2nd Challenge of 2011 — he solved the Challenge 19 days after it was launched! You can read how he accomplished this here.  Also, check out the article Inside the Head of the SourceCon Grand Master Sourcing Challenge Champion.




Katharine Robinson
SourceCon Grandmaster 2010

Katharine Robinson has spent almost a decade honing her Internet sourcing skills. She is one of only a handful of people to hold the title of GrandMaster Sourcer – an accolade awarded by SourceCon for winning a series of their challenges. She has experience in Executive Search and In-house recruiting teams at companies like Capgemini and Pepsico.

As part of her commitment to growing Internet sourcing capability in the UK and beyond, Katharine set up the UK Sourcers Network since 2009, and she now hosts the #AirSourceShow podcast.

Read how Katherine solved the second SourceCon Challenge here.


2007 & 2008

Michael Notaro
SourceCon Grandmaster 2007 and 2008

SourceCon 2007 congratulates Mr. Michael Notaro as the winner of the first leg of their Grandmaster Sourcing Challenge. SourceCon 2007′s Grandmaster Sourcing Challenge is a competition designed to test experts and novices in the field of Recruitment Research. Solving the puzzles presented by SourceCon 2007 requires above average skills in the areas of internet research and phone sourcing.

SourceCon 2007′s Grandmaster Sourcing Challenge is a three-part contest with each phase of the competition increasing in difficulty. The winners of each phase will compete in a head-to-head battle at the SourceCon 2007 event being held in Atlanta, September 11-13. SourceCon 2007 reports that although many had tried to solve the first riddle, only a handful was able to decipher the query accurately. Michael Notaro has earned the bragging rights that come with being the first to return with the correct answer.

Mike Notaro has been in the sourcing and recruitment space since 2006 and currently holds the role of Innovation Sourcing Consultant at Accenture out of New York City.  As a self-taught programmer, he’s created numerous pieces of software utilized by various clients to this day.  He’s a 2x sourcing grandmaster who won in 2007 and 2008.