The Search for the Next SourceCon Editor

If you were just watching the livestream from the SourceCon conference in Atlanta, you heard the big announcement that we just made — we are looking for a new editor to take the reins of running the SourceCon website and conferences!

To make this a fun search, we are turning it into a referral contest — after all, what better place to ask for suggestions for our next editor than from the sourcing community itself? If we end up hiring your referral, we’ll thank you by bringing you to the fall SourceCon conference, on us. (location and dates to be announced on Friday so stay tuned!)

So, just what kind of a person are we looking for? Well, Amybeth has done a tremendous job with SourceCon over the last two years, so we certainly have some big shoes to fill. But there is someone out there who we know will be able to join us and continue to bring SourceCon to the forefront of the recruiting world.

We are looking for someone who:

  • Is an entrepreneur at heart. This role is not a 9 to 5 job, but the soul of SourceCon — the person in this role will have to be creative and energetic enough to grow a young publication and event. Keep in mind as well — this is a full-time role.
  • Has an excellent grasp of writing, proofing, and editing — in other words, this person has to be able to not only write articles but suggest themes, provide guidance to authors, and correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
  • Will be able to solicit appropriate authors to contribute content to SourceCon — our editor needs to have some deep-rooted connections!
  • Is a forward thinker and can work with our conference team to develop interesting, innovative, and relevant programs for future SourceCon events — this includes topic development, speaker selection, and presentation guidance as well as all the other nuances of putting together a world-class event.
  • Is highly organized and good at time and project management.
  • Is inquisitive and addicted to learning and knowledge.
  • Is excited about new technology, sourcing and recruiting trends, and talent attraction topics.
  • Is well connected within the sourcing and recruiting communities or willing to get personally involved in the world of sourcing
  • Will be comfortable working independently in a virtual environment (we are a virtual company, after all!)

We’d love for this individual to have two out of the following qualifications. If you have all three, call us. Today.

  • Formal writing and/or editorial experience
  • An educational background in Journalism, Marketing, Public Relations, English, or Technology
  • In-the-trenches experience in sourcing and/or recruiting

We are sad to see Amybeth leave, but we are thrilled for her and wish her the best on her new adventure. We are looking forward to receiving your referrals for this highly visible and influential role – please let us know who you think would be an awesome addition to our editorial team and be able to take the reins of the coolest sourcing event out there!

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Referral contest rules:

If we hire the person whom you referred, you will win:

  • A complimentary pass to the fall SourceCon conference (location and dates to be announced)
  • Hotel accommodations for 2 nights at the host hotel (to be arranged by us)
  • Travel expenses covered, up to $400

To submit a referral for the role of Editor for SourceCon, click here.

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2 Comments on “The Search for the Next SourceCon Editor

  1. I nominate the Recruiting Animal.  He has great faith in sourcing, believing it is the heart and soul of recruiting.

  2. Google this for starters: “people you know” (“internet recruiting” OR “internet sourcing” OR “online recruiting” OR “phone sourcer” OR “phone sourcing” OR “talent sourcer” OR “talent sourcing”) (copywriter OR editor OR journalism OR “public relations”) (copywriting OR writing OR proofing) (“airs” OR boolean OR “shally” OR sourcecon)

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