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We are more than half way through the year and it’s been a banner year for recruiting in the US. After years of an uncertain economy, companies are opening requisitions faster than recruiters can fill them. It seems everywhere I look companies are adding recruiters and sourcers. This is a good problem for the recruiting industry, but there are issues that are arising because of this dilemma.

Candidates are considering changes. We have been talking about the candidate market all year long, but companies are still moving as if it is an employer market. Hiring processes and hiring manager’s bandwidth are causing great candidates to pass on opportunities, which is slowing down the hiring plans for 2015.

Recruiters and sourcers have to be good at what they do to win the talent and keep up with the requisition load this year. In my opinion, what separates the great from the good and bad is not what Boolean search string finds the candidate, but how the individual interacts with the candidate once found.

Candidates are getting hit from every angle. They are getting calls from junior recruiters, sourcers who just entered the industry, corporate recruiters, agency recruiters, senior recruiters, and senior sourcers. The problem with this is that candidates don’t know the difference. They just know they are getting calls from “recruiters.” This year, it’s time to take pride in what you do if you are a recruiter.

Recruiting and sourcing has always been a sales job, but this year it is paramount. From the minute you interact with the candidate, you must be able to clearly articulate the role, why they are a good fit for the position, and move them through the process and keep them engaged!

There are recruiters that understand the roles and there are others that just don’t. Attention to detail and follow-up will separate you from the other recruiters and sourcers. When sending an inmail, e-mail, or phone call it is important to be able to connect and relate to the person you are trying to attract.

Going after individuals who have been with a company for 5 years means they will have to be “sold” on why they should make a change. Candidates are willing to listen, but for someone to make a move, they will need to feel wanted, appreciated, and clearly understand what they are getting themselves into.

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As a sourcer, think about how you can separate yourself from the competition this year. Every other recruiter, sourcer, current company, and future company is your competition. You will need to take that extra step to be successful.

It is important to re-calibrate in the final months of the year. You need to be on top of your game, and brush up on your sales skills today.

3 things I would recommend doing immediately to recalibrate are:

  • Utilize the Charlie App so you can find out information on potential hires through the candidates social profiles. This will give you a competitive edge when talking to the candidates. You will know about their interests before you even talk to them.
  • Utilize Crystal Knows to find out the best way to connect with people. Every candidate is different and wants to connect in a different way.
  • Pick up a new sales book or re-read one of your favorites. Since this year is all about sales, picking up a few nuggets to help give you an edge in sales will make a huge difference. I recommend reading Breaking through the Delete Barrier, which helps with making sure your e-mails get read.

I know how crucial it is crucial to stay on top of your game this year, so that is why I am headed to SourceCon in Dallas to hear more about what you are doing to have a competitive edge.

Will Thomson is the Founder & President of Bulls Eye Recruiting, LLC which is headquartered in Austin, Texas. His organization recruits Sr. Sales, Marketing, and HR talent around the United States.  Will's 23 year recruiting career includes working for recruiting agencies such as Aerotek and also working as a corporate recruiter at Dell, eBay and Rosetta Stone.  Bulls Eye Recruiting was formed in 2012 as a blog which morphed into a recruiting agency in 2014.  His company works on both a retained and contingent search model for finding the best talent available in the marketplace.  


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  1. The message of your article is fantastic – know your business first and foremost, and know how to differentiate yourself from the rest of the recruiting folks trying desperately to grab candidates’ attention. Set yourself apart by having a compelling message, and be diligent about following up. It’s a huge bummer that Charlie only works with Google calendars right now. Also that Crystal Knows is still in beta and lining folks up for test-drives 🙁 For those who are queued up for Crystal Knows and/or who use Outlook or don’t use an iPhone and can’t make use of Charlie yet, I would recommend making use of Archively for helping either you, your team, or your hiring teams get more comprehensive digital footprints of prospects before you speak with them.

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