The Github “Invite Pitch” Sourcing Tool Hireables

As a norm, I leave the talking about tools to my dad, Dean Da Costa. However, I too have become very involved in sourcing tools, and have started testing some and have found one I really enjoy. I mention the phrase “invite pitch” in the title. By now most know I was a baseball player, and played it in college. The word “invite pitch” refers to a pitch thrown by a Satchel Page type character in the movie “Bingo Long Traveling All-Stars and Motor Kings.” The phrase is meant to describe an unhittable pitch, which is almost always a strike. It’s basically a magical pitch. I have found that this phrase describes the sourcing tool Hireables quite well.

Hireables lets you find, filter and sort developers on Github. Github is a prominent and nearly untapped resource for developers, architects, and testers. Sourcing in it can be a challenge. Hirables is a new tool that is in beta that makes sourcing in Github very easy. All you do is put in what you’re looking for, location, language, date etc. Then decide if you want to see everyone or only the ones who are looking for a job, and then watch it work its magic. Soon, you will have a list of people skilled in the programming languages you wanted in the area to which you are sourcing.

In the picture below you see the result of my search, which was; Language: Java, Location:Seattle and those looking.


As you can see above, you have full access to their names, locations, company, followers, repos, email (if available) and more. There is a link to their profile, website, Github and more. If you click on the profile link you can view their Hireables’ profile. If you click on their website you go to their personal website, where you can find a lot more information about the candidate. If you click on the Github link, you will go to their Github profile. This is great information to have as in most cases their email address can be found on their Github profile, and if not, there are several tools like, Hikido, Github Emails Finder & Exporter, and Github Email Reveal that help provide email addresses. So even if Hireables does not have one you are still covered. This is a methodology I have been using that works well when sourcing in Github. If you add another tool called GitDiscovered you can turn Github to your personal sourcing hunting ground, and hunting season is open.

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Jeremy is a Social Talent Ninja Certified Sourcing Professional who has not only received his certification but has been mentored by some of the best in the staffing industry. He is a Senior Talent Sourcer for Lockheed Martin.

Jeremy got his first hint at recruiting when he was recruited for both college and pro baseball. He then got a chance to do sourcing himself  as part of the “Search Authority.” He did this while attending college and getting his associates degree.


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  1. Great post Jeremy! Valuable info.
    Just wanted to saythat I would not say that Github is an untapped source. That is no longer true. In Israel at least anyone sourcing for potential candidates can be found here 🙂 And those are many..;-)

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