The Answer is 42.

Dollars, That Is.

For anyone familiar with The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, you know that the answer to the question of Life, the Universe and Everything, is the number 42.

And at SourceCon, we have the answer to all your questions for only $42.

We just launched a sourcing-specific job board, and to get things going we are offering a special introductory price to post your sourcing jobs to for just $42 over the month of October.

This is a highly visible frame of time for SourceCon as we are getting ready to invade Silicon Valley for our fall conference (are you coming, by the way?) and thus our site traffic will increase over the next several weeks.

If you’ve been looking to add people to your sourcing team or even start building one, why not put your job in front of the eyes of the best sourcers in the business – our readers!

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Here’s why you want to take advantage of sharing your jobs on SourceCon this month:

  • We are the only industry publication dedicated specifically to the function of sourcing – we are produced by sourcers, for sourcers.
  • We have over 1,000 email subscribers plus even more regular site visitors ranging from brand new sourcers to global sourcing leaders.
  •’s web traffic is over 60% higher during our conferences and the weeks surrounding them.

Additionally, posting more than one job will get you some discounts, and if you want you can have your job featured for only $5 during this introductory period.

Enter the code SC42 at to take advantage of this special pricing over the entire month of October — $42 for a 30-day job posting.

The answer to the question of Life, the Universe and Everything… is to post a job on SourceCon!

Amybeth Quinn began her career in sourcing working within the agency world as an Internet Researcher. Since 2002, she has worked in both agency and corporate sourcing and recruiting roles as both individual contributor and manager, and also served previously as the editor of The Fordyce Letter, and, with ERE Media. These days she's working on some super cool market intelligence and data analytics projects. You can connect with her on Twitter at @researchgoddess.


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