The 8 Most Annoying Comments Sourcers Hear From Recruiters

Businessman in Office
Business Man in Office

No doubt, if you’ve worked as a sourcer for any amount of time, you’ve heard what you consider to be some ridiculous comments from the recruiters you support. Here are some of my favorites that I collected from sourcers this week.

1) “Great! Can you go ahead and submit them to the hiring manager and get them set up for an interview? I’ll take it from there…” (translation – Please do most of my job for me, then I’ll swoop in at the end and be the hero.)

2) “Perfect fit for my job! Can you send me some more resumes in the meantime?” (What happened to ‘perfect?’)

3) “The hiring manager is going with an internal candidate who came in at the last minute…” (Thus negating potentially weeks of sourcing for external talent.)

4) “I made this hire.” (Yeah… with MY sourced candidate! Share the accolades please…)

5) “Pass.” (Okay.. why? What didn’t you like about the candidate? What should I change in terms of my search? No details, just ‘pass’?)

6) “I know what I’m asking you to find doesn’t exist, but that doesn’t change the fact that the client wants to see more resumes.” (Sourcers thought: “Your lack of ability to manage your client does not constitute an emergency on my part.”)

7) “Can you put them in the ATS for me?” (Sourcers thought: “Do it yourself.”)

8) “You need to be more innovative, have you thought about using LinkedIn or maybe doing Boolean searches?” (Sourcers thought: “That’s all I do.”)

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We’re joking about it here, but the tensions between Sourcers, and Recruiters, can have a negative effect on productivity.

How do leaders proactively address this problem?

  • Start by establishing very clear role definitions that all parties can refer to when they aren’t sure who should complete a certain task.
  • Create a service level agreement between sourcers and recruiters.

We will share additional insight into development of these documents in a future post.

(Recruiters: this post was from a sourcers perspective, but don’t worry, the solutions will address both sides of the issue.)

Sourcers, do you have any other statements we should add to the list? Leave a comment below.

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Jeremy Roberts, SPHR, is VP, Customer Experience at HiringSolved. He is the previous Editor of SourceCon. Prior to joining the ERE Media team, he spent over a decade working as a recruiter, sourcer, and sourcing manager. This time was spent in diverse environments, including third party agency settings (retained and contingent), recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) providers, and internal corporate HR departments. His previous employers include the MHA Group, Ajilon Finance, Korn Ferry Futurestep, Raytheon Space and Airborne Systems, and Randstad Sourceright, US. He resides in Corinth, TX with his wife and 3 children.


15 Comments on “The 8 Most Annoying Comments Sourcers Hear From Recruiters

  1. While that’s quite funny, I have to say that I love my current recruiting team that I support, and I don’t get any of that (I have in the past, but not here). However, some of the things we deal with here from my recruiters’ hiring managers are actually on this list, particularly when somebody says “Pass” without explaining anything else. Gotta love that one!

  2. It is great to see the above and to know I am not alone! Thank you for sharing, you made my week. The internal one gets me fired up more than anything … last minute?

  3. This was so great. And so true. Thats’ what makes it great!
    Maureen Sharib
    Phone Sourcer
    513 899 9628

  4. Very amusing & all spot on but sadly all too frequent – agreeing an SLA during the client briefing session with the client (which by the way, should be mandatory) is essential to ensure (or reduce) these things happening

  5. I have been a Sourcer for over 5 years and I am so proud to say that none of these apply to the relationships I have with our hiring team of Recruiters.

  6. Even as a mere HR person (having concurrently held recruiting and sourcing responsibilities), many of these sound familiar. The worst one is “pass” with no further comment. Number seven makes me wonder why standard tools and methods such as LI and Boolean would be referred to as “innovative” by someone that “should be” also versed in same.

  7. Wow, this article is great! I heard every of these statements during my three years as a sourcer with Cirque du Soleil. Continuous tension between Sourcer and Recruiters, even if both teams loved working with each other. First thing I did when I establishing the sourcing function after joining GMCR … CREATE SOURCING SERVICE LEVEL!!! Trust me, that’s the key. Great article Jeremy! Thanks again.

  8. Great! This seems to be global.
    Fav – “Perfect fit for my job! Can you send me some more resumes in the meantime?” (What happened to ‘perfect?’)

  9. On top of all these..they ask you to guarantee the candidates retention!!!….thats insane !!…i mean who can give u a guarantee that the candidate will stick with your company for a longer duration??

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