Sourcing and Recruiting in Asia? Try These Resources

Do you recruit and source in Asia? If so, you’re in luck. The Social Talent team has created a video which explains the top resources to help you find the right candidates in Asia.

The video covers the most popular sites currently being used in Asia, including: Tencent, Renren (a Chinese copy of Facebook), Weibo (the Asian equivalent of Twitter) and WeChat (Asia’s most popular instant messaging site).

We hope you enjoy!

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Jeremy Roberts, SPHR, is VP, Customer Experience at HiringSolved. He is the previous Editor of SourceCon. Prior to joining the ERE Media team, he spent over a decade working as a recruiter, sourcer, and sourcing manager. This time was spent in diverse environments, including third party agency settings (retained and contingent), recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) providers, and internal corporate HR departments. His previous employers include the MHA Group, Ajilon Finance, Korn Ferry Futurestep, Raytheon Space and Airborne Systems, and Randstad Sourceright, US. He resides in Corinth, TX with his wife and 3 children.


3 Comments on “Sourcing and Recruiting in Asia? Try These Resources

  1. Nice preso. I’m based in Singapore and help firms in Asia with their recruitment strategies. Just some points. Social media in China and other countries are indeed very high but to data mine users is going to be tough because many “hide” under a moniker especially in countries like China and even to a certain extent Singapore even on FB and Weibo as many make political commentary to protect themselves from government censors.

    Job boards like Jobstreet and JobsDB are definitely go-to sites for South-east Asia.

    To Maureen’s point about penetration by phone being tough in Asia, its both yes and no. For English-speaking countries like Australia, Singapore, India, Malaysia, it works like the West. Challenges arise if you are trying to phone connect in China, Japan. Local languages rule! There are good local phone sourcers in these countries and for any firm having an Asian recruitment strategy, retain these folks with your lives! 🙂

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