SourceCon Webinar: Cultivating an Employee Referral Program with Value

Often times, employee referrals can be a great source of talent for growing organizations. However, this usually takes a considerable amount of time and energy as well. Please join host Chris Stanzione in this upcoming webinar as he covers the following:

  • Adding value instead of simply more applicants to your talent pipeline
  • Finding and soliciting excellent referrals in your workplace
  • Create an ongoing culture of referrals
  • Rejecting referrals without alienating your current employees
  • And much more!

Register now and avoid any chance of missing out on an employee referral webinar that will surely add to your knowledge regardless of skill level or experience with these programs.

Date/Time of webinar: Wednesday, Septmeber 24 at 2:00PM EDT

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Sponsored by:  Greenhouse


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