#SourceCon is Here! Becoming a Human Personification of Sourcing

For those of you that don’t know, Daniel Bryan was a “professional” wrestler on WWE. He’s small in stature, got a sweet beard, and the odds were always stacked against him when he wrestled the giant stars like John Cena. Years ago when he was a lesser known entity, he was tagged up with other wrestlers, complained a lot, and was seen as more of comic relief than an effective “wrestler.” Often he started yelling and retorting chants of “no, no, no!” As the obstacles mounted and the comedy continued, people started taking a liking to him. This smaller wrestler, who night in and night came out and wrestled (unlike many of the big “superstars”) started to be seen as the underdog and earned himself a following. The underdog built a network and eventually flipped the audience. He went from a villain “heel” to hero. Instead of no’s, people started saying yes.


Fuzzy Bearded Logic

Bryan is like sourcing and here’s how: We face obstacles every day that drive us into turmoil at times, but sometimes it just takes one person, one conversation, or one conference to change your perspective. He flipped the audience when everyone thought he was a joke. He prevailed and blew peoples’ minds, much like sourcers do every day when we have breakthroughs.

Big moments for me were talking to Steve Levy at a SourceCon Hackathon, Aaron Lintz about Kimono (when it wasn’t dead), and tools guru Dean Da Costa about tools. I also got to see many of the SourceHouston Crew, and share a roundtable unexpectedly with Arron Daniels and Josh Jones, two people who I used to be cubicle neighbors with.


It’s time to Say Yes

Forget everything you may think you know, this is the main event. Connect, talk, tweet, and absorb everything you can from the speakers and the people you sit next to. Many people talk about “disrupting” the recruitment industry, but SourceCon is about innovation. Take the tools, strategies, and stories you learn here and go build your wrestler.

Take healthcare for example. When I first came to SourceCon, I didn’t know much about nursing or scientists or what a flipping medicinal chemist did. I can tell you there are some very insightful people in healthcare that are way more creative than I am, they just don’t see it yet. They still think like I did, that no one is going to want to read their stuff.  If you have an idea, don’t say no. Say yes!

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An idea, that’s where is starts. That’s the beginning. Write it out, video it, and send it to Shannon Pritchett. Even if it is how this conference or another person made you feel…flood Pritchett’s email with ideas and Blame the #WelcomeWagonShannon@ere.net

We are all underdogs, y’all. In fact, I have no idea what I’m doing in the programming sessions, but I feel like I should go and explore. So I’m saying YES because I know people like Glenn and Steven will help us through it. It’s what we do, it’s the circle of sourcing, and you all are a part of the tenth circle of nerds. Welcome to the new reality, where we are going to learn, create, and innovate on a whole other dimensional spectrum.

What you will find is that there are many wonderful human beings out there, and that unicorns are real.

I’ll be talking Sourcing Tools at the roundtable on Tuesday. Come say hello and be prepared for a massive tool drops all over this conference!


Greg Hawkes is a Strategic Talent Sourcer, Speaker, Author, and Founder of the HRSourcingToolbox. He has worked as both a Technical Recruiter and Sourcing Analyst for healthcare, engineering, biotechnology, manufacturing and many other industries. He has been in the recruitment field for over 10 years, and got into heavy sourcing and headhunting back in 2012. He is an ongoing contributor to SourceCon – with topics ranging from Site Searches and CSEs, to Deep Dives andURL Sourcing. While preparing to speak at SourceCon 2017, he built the HRSourcingToolbox with a large inventory of Free Recruitment and Sourcing Tools. He has recently joined Houghton Mifflin Harcourt as a Strategic Sourcer and loving every minute of it! He is a huge fan of emerging technologies and Boolean Syntax and always willing to share a technique or hack to find the elusive purple squirrel.


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  1. sorry to miss your talent, undying encouragement and creativity- A great post to help people get the most and more out of the event. I’ll be watching! I know you’ll have a great time.

  2. Wish I could have been there. I do hope you and the Sourcecon conference speakers and attendees will share the info with us! We are looking out for more postings regarding the latest Ah ha’s!

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