SourceCon is Coming to Seattle

It is with great pleasure that I announce that SourceCon is coming to Seattle, WA, October 2nd-3rd, 2013! We will be holding it just outside of Seattle at Microsoft’s Redmond corporate headquarters. You can register today for the lowest price available.

I am personally excited about this for a few reasons:

  1. Redmond is just down the road from me
  2. There’s a gambler’s chance Seattle could be really, really nice weather-wise
  3. Microsoft’s HQ is really nice
  4. Most importantly, we have a really large group of sourcing smarties here in the area

After SourceCon Atlanta 2013 broke every SC record in attendance by a long shot, it’ll be a challenge to beat it. Seattle is always up for a challenge though and we are working on putting together another killer agenda. Speaker details and sessions are coming soon but if you were one of the 300+ people on site last week (or at any of our previous SourceCons), you know what to expect: Strategic and hands-on teaching by the best, the sourcing lab, killer networking opportunities and the community organized SourceCon AfterDark.

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We hope you’ll join us this fall!


2 Comments on “SourceCon is Coming to Seattle

  1. I certainly hope to be there as it’s down the road from me as well and yes, let’s beat Atlanta’s numbers!! Maybe get some folks from Asia Pacific and Latin America to join -could be great! I had an amazing time at the Atlanta show, after a 6 year personal absence- the sessions and networking were fab!

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