Quick Tips to Effectively Engage Candidates on the Phone by @MaureenSharib

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Her attention span has plummeted from 12 seconds (in 2000) to eight today.

Your message is competing with countless others in a broad dizzying medium spectrum of information overload revolving around her and although she is increasingly sophisticated in her purchasing tastes she still holds on to a surprisingly infantile desire for instant gratification.

In light of all those challenges add that next adorable cat photo she might just stumble across in her stream and before your eight second egg-timer runs out what do you have?

A recipe for disaster if you’re relying on some email blast recipe to deliver results or some automated calling thing-a-ma-jig or who-la-ma-who to do your calling for you.

You must take a hands-on tactical approach if you want your message to resonate – to register in a powerful way with these candidates.

If you can’t do this in a few seconds they’ll move on to the next cat photo – or to the next recruiter message that does resonate with them – the one that does get through to them.

You have a lot to say.

Say it to these potential candidates in a phone call made to them at their desk phones at their places of work (where most of them spend more than half of their waking business hours per week) and where, contrary to popular opinion, many of them do have the privacy and the time to talk.

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Say it in the way you speak naturally:

“Hi Michael. My name is Maureen Sharib. You don’t know me – I’m calling from Cincinnati about (whatever the job position is) there in Des Moines. If you have three minutes right now to speak I promise I won’t take any more than that of your time!”

Tailoring your message this way is a powerful way to stand out from the crowd. Few are doing this and you’ll be “heard” above the other noise in a way that will not only resonate but will also be remembered.

Try it. I promise you’ll like the results of this marketing campaign.

Maureen Sharib has been a “Socratic sourcer” her entire sourcing career; from the moment she first picked up the faxed list of Silicon Valley high-tech companies that was her target list to “phone source” in 1996 to today she has instinctively followed this method of investigative sourcing using (mostly) the telephone.  She is a proponent of sourcing as a synonym for success and envisions the craft moving away from a dangerously drudgery-paced life-form existence to an exciting investigative/competitive place within organizations where practitioners co-exist within a framework of market research, human resources, and C-level future planning. She owns the phone sourcing and competitive intelligence firm TechTrak.com, Inc. You can contact her at Maureen at techtrak.com or call her at (513) 646-7306.  If she’s not on the phone she’ll pick up!


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