New WebClipDrop Feature Lets Users Find, Export Email Addresses of LinkedIn Group Members

With all the sourcing tools out there, it’s easy to forget about WebClipDrop, the solution that launched a couple of years ago by Jobs2Web founder, Doug Berg. However, if this Chrome extension isn’t in your arsenal, maybe it should be.

Launched April 16, users can now leverage WebClipDrop to export members from any Linkedin Group they join. Once becoming a member of any Linkedin Group, users click on the Members tab where the list of members will then show up in a list. Users then click the WebClipDrop icon, and the software will extract all the contacts from the member list. WebClipDrop also enhances the Group members with an email address for the ones that have company names listed.

Once users grab the data of all the members they want, they can then either drop them into a CRM or ATS. The options to select all of the contacts and export them to a CSV or XLS spreadsheet is also available for those who prefer to import the data into any other management application.

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WebClipDrop is rapidly expanding the places recruiters can capture contact data, mapping the different websites they visit,” said Berg. “We strive to make WebClipDrop a simple-to-use tool that doesn’t require technical skills. Simply click the “Clip” button on any Group you belong to, and you instantly have a new group of prospects to manage and engage.”

What’s next?

Berg says they are rapidly improving their enrichment sources for email, phone, and social data and are actively building their API connections to most top ATS, CRM, and recruitment marketing platforms which will make dropping single or multiple contacts into any application seamless.
“By combining multiple capabilities into the single tool, we hope to aggregate data capture/import, enrichment, and movement into a single tool,” said Berg. “This will provide much better usability and adoption in our recruiting solutions.”
Although the application has been around since summer 2016, there are few reviews on the company’s Chrome extension page. The app rates four out of five stars on six reviews, which includes one from Berg himself.
“Great for speeding up data entry and pulling information from websites,” said Jordan Dejno in his three-star review on April 4, 2018. “Every so often it won’t let me clip data because the software hasn’t mapped out the web page. Therefore, I have to uninstall the extension and redownload it.”
Pricing for individuals is $40-per-month. For teams who want to use the tool, pricing is custom. They also offer a free trial.

Joel Cheesman has over 20 years experience in the online recruitment space. He worked for both international and local job boards in the late ‘90s and early ‘00s. In 2005, Cheesman founded HRSEO, a search engine marketing company for HR, as well as launching an award-winning industry blog called Cheezhead. He has been featured in Fast Company and US News and World Report. He sold his company in 2009 to He was employed by EmployeeScreenIQ, a background check company. He is the founder of Ratedly, an app that monitors anonymous employee reviews. He is married and the father of three children. He lives in Indianapolis.


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