More Employee-referral Companies Are on the Way

Glassdoor’s competitive analytics isn’t the only recent launch or update in the world of recruiting and human resources technology. There are quite a few new companies and products — or just ones you may not have heard of.

That’s particularly true in the hot social media/employee referral startup world. Some you may not know of:

Zalp is a new employee referral tool. Its funding is coming from a larger firm in India, Zycus, with hundreds of employees.

Referagig is another one in the referral genre. It’s being incubated out of the recruiting/consulting company Makena Partners. Scott Weiss of Referagig says he is in a pre-launch phase, and is working with a couple of freelancers to get it to beta.

Referrals, finder’s fees … yes, there’s another newbie. And that’s Jobhuk. Out of Austin, it’s self-funded/bootstrapped, with four people working on it.


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Employyd (that’s not a typo) has a new application for posting and tracking jobs.

You probably know some of the big players in the world of recruiting and smart phones: Jibe, iMomentous, Punchkick Interactive, and AlltheTopBananas, among others. Here’s one you probably don’t know: a startup called Mobolt. You may hear of it more often if you’re an HRsmart user, as it’s now a Mobolt partner. Also, I have a feeling it’s going to land some big-fish clients. It has angel funding, is based in Dallas, and employs 15 folks right now.


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  1. who is India’s largest job portal has started employee referral tool. Additionally, a startup social employee referral service in India called MyParichay (means My Introduction) has tied up with (job portal). One more start up called wisestep in India has also entered into this space. With “Social” integration – these tools are going to be big players in coming days. Oracle recently acquired TalentVine – so good indications for this section.

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