LIPPL Reveals Full Names on LinkedIn for Free

I am pleased to share a cool and very practical free Chrome extension that allows you to quickly and easily view the public profiles of LinkedIn members beyond your 2nd degree network, thus showing you their full name.

Victor Soroka first shared Lippl with me back in January. I had the honor of meeting him while at LinkedIn’s Talent Connect 2012 in London and apparently Victor has been busy working on a great way to view the public profiles of practically anyone on LinkedIn.

Once you’ve installed the Lippl Chrome extension, all you have to do is open the Lippl sidebar and click “open.” It works by automatically opening up the person’s public LinkedIn profile in a new Incognito window, so even if you’re logged into LinkedIn, LinkedIn can’t tell whether or not you “know” the person (within 1st or 2nd degree) – as such, you can see their full name.


Here’s a quick video demo of Lippl in action:

I’m happy to support Victor and his team, so if you haven’t already, please check out Lippl and contact the Lippl team with any questions, issues or suggestions.

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6 Comments on “LIPPL Reveals Full Names on LinkedIn for Free

  1. I am getting this error message when I try to open 3rd degree connection on LI:

    “Lippl cannot show you LinkedIn public profiles for people outside of your 1st and 2nd level connections due to technical issues. Please expect an update from us shortly.”

    Is anybody facing similar issues or it just me, appreciate your response.


        1. We updated Lippl today so it should be easier now. When you need to find someone LinkedIn public profile link (who is 3rd level connection to you) just click on Search button and then click on person name in search results list. Please comment here if it works for you or in case of any questions.

  2. Yup it is down, LinkedIn sent a nasty gram to them and I am guessing at least for now it is down

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