LinkedIn Launches Showcase Pages for Brands

LinkedIn introduces a new feature today that will be welcomed by businesses with multiple brands, locations, and product lines. Three years after launching company pages, LinkedIn has now made it possible to add multiple subsections to these pages.

Although LinkedIn has been inching in this direction for a while, today’s official launch of Showcase Pages gives companies the ability to create new pages for specific purposes, indexing them on the main company page and giving control over each Showcase Page to a different manager.

Until now, a company with multiple divisions or brands had to create a separate page for each. So a company like Yum had separate pages for its KFC, Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut brands (among others). Now, if it chooses, it can create a main company page on LinkedIn with subsections for each of its brands.

Marketers will decide the value of aggregating multiple brands in one location, as LinkedIn hopes will happen (separate company pages will still be permitted), but for companies with multiple consumer locations for a single brand, or with multiple product lines creating individual content pages will allow for greater customization and appeal to consumers and job seekers. Although all jobs will still be displayed for now under the “Careers” tab, recruiters can use Showcase Pages to tell the story of specific divisions.

For example, LinkedIn itself has created separate Showcase Pages for its three divisions: Talent solutions, Marketing solutions, and Sales solutions. Each section has its own custom content and updates.

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Joseph Roualdes, senior manager of corporate communications for LinkedIn Talent Solutions, said one feature recruiters will especially appreciate will be the ability to communicate directly with those who “follow” their showcase page — or any company page. In addition to launching Showcase Pages, LinkedIn also announced Talent Updates, a convenience feature for recruiters.

When a Company page administrator enables the feature, recruiters can directly post updates to followers of the company directly from the recruiter dashboard. Besides posting to all the followers, recruiters can target updates selectively.

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