A Trick to Find the Email Address of a LinkedIn User

An article published on Krebsonsecurity.com just exposed a neat little trick using LinkedIn to find the email addresses that that person registered when they signed up for the service. The feature in question is the ability to sync (or upload) a list of your contacts to see who else is in LinkedIn.

As the article states, just about every social media website has some version of this feature, so that you can connect with others using the same site.  Here is the response LinkedIn had to the author of the article and what they are planning to mitigate the “exposed” email addresses. 

“We are in the process of implementing two short-term changes and one longer term change to give our members more control over this feature,” Linkedin spokeswoman Nicole Leverich wrote in an emailed statement. “In the next few weeks, we are introducing new logic models designed to prevent hackers from abusing this feature. In addition, we are making it possible for members to ask us to opt out of being discoverable through this feature. In the longer term, we are looking into creating an opt-out box that members can choose to select to not be discoverable using this feature.”

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During my own sourcing, I have already seen what appears to be new limitations in syncing contacts. I have not been able to confirm what they are but some things have changed. This will be the subject of my talk at SourceCon in a couple of weeks, assuming it’s still a viable. Also, I’d like to thank David Galley for the tip and pointing the article out to me!

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Randy Bailey, CPSP-2, PHR, is a Career Consumer Insights and Analytics sourcing professional currently working on contract within Corporate America and has been a 2 time finalist for the Grand Master Challenge in 2013 & 2014. He has nearly a decade of experience working in both a corporate setting and for a small retained employment consulting company as both a senior researcher and sourcer. He loves the thrill of the hunt, playing with Data and experimenting with the latest tools and tricks while also staying grounded in the basics. You can find Randy on Twitter orLinkedin.



10 Comments on “A Trick to Find the Email Address of a LinkedIn User

  1. That’s too bad but it was only a matter of time. I have used the Excel contact upload feature to verify email addresses for quite some time and awhile back they hid that, making it more challenging to figure out where to upload. Now they are just going to take that security one step further. Oh well, we all know we have to source like LinkedIn is just one tool in a full tool belt so it shouldn’t effect too much.

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  3. Yes, this don’t work anymore. LinkedIn actually is extremely protective of their user emails and you must have noticed even the contact info gets loaded with delayed javascript so email scrapers can’t work with it.

    Luckily there are software like AeroLeads https://aeroleads.com who uses logic and algorithms to find emails and phone number of businesses and people on linkedIn without even touching linkedIn servers as using software to scrape linkedIn emails will get you in legal trouble.

    1. Linkedin isn’t protective about BS. They will stab you in the back and give away all your private info if they can make a nickel on it, and there is no way to change your privacy settings to prevent this. I am shutting down my account once I have notified all my connections. Also beware that they are in bed with Google and google gives away your search queries to Linkedin to help them profile you (spy on you) better. Not surprisingly their headquarters are right next to eachother.

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