How to Find Email Addresses on the Internet, Part 1

Last week, I had the opportunity to be on the Recruiting Animal Show. Towards the end of the show, a caller asked me how to find personal email addresses on the web. I answered the question, but because there are so many ways to tackle the issue, I thought I should follow up with a series on finding email addresses. To start, I am sharing a list of resources and techniques that will help you find business email addresses. – Linksy is a great place to start when searching for email addresses. Linksy generates possible email addresses based on a persons name, then cross-references those names with to see if the person has a gravatar account with a photo. If the person has a gravatar account, one can simply use that email address and initiate contact. If the user does not have a gravatar account, Linksy has generated a list of possible email addresses that can be tested using one the tools below.

Rapportive (free)– Rapportive for Gmail is a tool that has been mentioned previously on SourceCon. Below is a video that demonstrates how one can guess email addresses using Rapportive. – test individual email address (free) – test a list of email addresses (there is a cost based on how many addresses are tested)

Article Continues Below – find the email format used by thousands of US companies

A post from the SourceCon archives discussing this issue

Finding personal addresses is a bit more complicated, look for a follow-up post soon. What tool are you using to find business email addresses?

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Jeremy Roberts, SPHR, is VP, Customer Experience at HiringSolved. He is the previous Editor of SourceCon. Prior to joining the ERE Media team, he spent over a decade working as a recruiter, sourcer, and sourcing manager. This time was spent in diverse environments, including third party agency settings (retained and contingent), recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) providers, and internal corporate HR departments. His previous employers include the MHA Group, Ajilon Finance, Korn Ferry Futurestep, Raytheon Space and Airborne Systems, and Randstad Sourceright, US. He resides in Corinth, TX with his wife and 3 children.


8 Comments on “How to Find Email Addresses on the Internet, Part 1

  1. Nice article. The best tool I’ve worked with recently is Connectifier: If there is an email address linkedin to (social media) web page, it is visible. Rapportive could work when no details are available, Connectifier helps you to skip a few steps.

  2. To run batches of email lookups, you can use This tool allows you to take a CSV of first name, last name, and website domain, and it will find the best email for that person. Saves a lot of time and is great for B2B prospecting.

  3. I love this Rapportive idea. I’d like to point out that in recent months there have been a number of new apps and tools which take this idea to the next level.

    One such example is eMail Prospector tool, ( Free trial run – ) where it does all the hard work for you. You just need to know the first and last name and company they work for and tool gives you verified business e-mail.

  4. Will definitely check out some of these sites. Thanks for sharing. If you use Chrome, FireFox or Safari, is also a good one. – Sandra, founder at

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