How Can a Recruiting Leader Determine if Someone is a Good Sourcer?

All recruiting leaders have been there. We see the alphabet soup of sourcing certifications after a recruiters name and we assume they can actually source. However, once they are in the trenches, we realize they can’t deliver. How does one avoid this? What questions can one ask during an interview to determine if a recruiter or sourcer candidate can actually source? I caught up with several recruiting leaders at the Spring ERE conference to get their recommendations.

What questions do you ask to determine if a person can source?

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Jeremy Roberts, SPHR, is VP, Customer Experience at HiringSolved. He is the previous Editor of SourceCon. Prior to joining the ERE Media team, he spent over a decade working as a recruiter, sourcer, and sourcing manager. This time was spent in diverse environments, including third party agency settings (retained and contingent), recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) providers, and internal corporate HR departments. His previous employers include the MHA Group, Ajilon Finance, Korn Ferry Futurestep, Raytheon Space and Airborne Systems, and Randstad Sourceright, US. He resides in Corinth, TX with his wife and 3 children.


9 Comments on “How Can a Recruiting Leader Determine if Someone is a Good Sourcer?

    1. Thanks Dan! I wish I’d interviewed more people. I’m afraid I’m going to run out of content after 2-3 more videos :).

  1. thanks for sharing Jeremy. Great timing too as I’m just developing a few more interview activities for our sourcing candidates to go through. As there isn’t always a single answer in sourcing, it great to see how people think and problem solve. Sometimes we learn something new along the way ourselves which is always excited too!

  2. We’re interviewing technical recruiters right now. I take candidates through a mock intake meeting where I am the hiring manager – doing this I believe is actually a good indicator of how they approach sourcing. Someone who is a good sourcer will ask probing questions and also ask the HM where they would look for the ideal candidate. Someone who can’t/won’t source will simply sit there and take the order.

  3. I think it’s sad that leaders making hiring decisions are so focused on who is being creative and who is using the most creative or newest tool. Everyone in this video missed the point outside of Kip. Not sure I’d use his example but his goal is clear. Sourcing is not about the tool or search engine. Sadly the industry is hyper focused on this.

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