Github and StackOverflow are Great… But There is So Much More!

You’ve all heard of Github and Stack Overflow. Many of you have even used them to search and recruit. Today, I’m going to share a few more resources to help you find developers.

3 new sources for developers you many not have considered…

Google Code is a great place to search. They actually host and house projects done by developers. One can search and find projects that match  search terms, then see the project, see some code, and see the team members involved.  It’s also possible to connect with team members working on the projects via Google+. If you’re observant and logical, you can even locate the users email addresses. For example, if you search for “java, Mobile, Ajax”, you will come up with 71 projects. The first project is “Struts2 jQuery Plugin,” you will see some code, and on the left you will see a list of members on the team that created the project. You will see what each person did, and you will see a partial email address. If you click on the partial email address, you will go to their profile page. Once on their page, if you click on their email address again, and are signed into your Gmail account, you will be able to add them to your Google+ circle, and determine their Gmail address. Following these simple steps will provide you with developers who have met your criteria, some sample code, and a way to contact them.

Stack Exchange is a list of links to the Q&A sections of developer sites like Stack Overflow. If you find a person who has answered a question about the subject you are recruiting for, you just follow their links, and you will be able to contact them. is obviously a developer site. You can search by technology, and find answers to questions, sample code, open projects, and more. Best of all, you will find a way to contact developers.

More places developers hang out…

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  1. This is by far the best actual real life advice I’ve seen talking about how to source developers. This has just helped me right now in recruiting for an engineering role. Thank you!

  2. Check out Gild, we bring information from all of the sites mentioned into one profile to save you a ton of time. Gild also includes their open source projects so that hiring managers can check them out before committing to an interview.

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