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Sourcers and recruiters whose job includes the task of finding candidates now have a new site for doing so.

The site – as the domain extension suggests — is a question-and-answer website for exchanging ideas and asking questions. Take a look and you’ll see examples of topics: LinkedIn, video interviewing,, webscraping, the sourcing process, military hiring, Google+, and more.

This is something that’s been done in other industries, like music and computer/software programming. It is, as Sourcecon’s Jeremy Roberts says, referring to the programming q-and-a site, “like StackOverflow for sourcers and recruiters.” Or, a bit like Quora, a crowdsourcing q-and-a website where people discuss everything from the hiring process to the best Led Zeppelin song.

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My co-worker Jeremy sees the site as “a place for all of us to join together to help solve sourcing problems and build a knowledge base of sourcing-related information.” Here’s a nice little rundown of ERE’s new site.


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  1. It’s too bad you guys retired all the old ERE groups. There was tons of material in those that directly relates to what you’re doing now. Is there any way those can be re-upped somewhere for reference material? It’s a massive library already in existence. #LibraryOfAlexandria

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