Friday Quick Hit: Can One Be A Sourcer And A Recruiter?

In all of the hubbub about the ERE Expo going on this week down in San Diego (where I’m currently reporting from), you may have missed a piece that Maureen Sharib did over at ERE. In it, she says:

Most of your recruiters don’t really want to source and most of your sourcers don’t really want to recruit.

Trust me, I’ve thought long and hard on this one.

Each skill set requires vastly different personality types.

That’s the bottom line.

Read the entire piece over at ERE for more context. Here’s the big question for you today: can a sourcer also be a recruiter (and vice verse)?

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3 Comments on “Friday Quick Hit: Can One Be A Sourcer And A Recruiter?

  1.  I can understand where the author is getting that idea, however I believe it to be a condition of the separation of the two tasks.  Having started my career in agency, I was forced to sink or swim as a full-cycle recruiter.  Honestly, I love both activities.  I love the research, finding people and reading about their experience and interests.  As well as calling them to discuss possible positions and getting to know them beyond the paper.
         There was a point, where the first type of recruiter mentioned was the only type.  It is what makes us different, unique.  I think with so much on our plates we tend to look more towards automation as well.  There are so many tasks, both in the sourcing and recruiting categories that can be partially or fully automated.  The one thing I can’t automate is talking to someone.

  2. It’s true that it is rare to find someone who is good at both sourcing and full-cycle recruiting / managing the hiring function but this is the definition of a start-up recruiter.  You have to be all things in one person.  I think some of us start-up recruiters definitely trade salary for the fun of working in a start-up but for me there is so much more than $$ that factors in.  I have a tremendous amount of respect for really good sourcers, but we don’t always have the luxury of being able to have one on the team.

  3. Any modern recruiter needs to have the basic sourcing skills. A recruiter needs to be able to Google a candidate (even with a common name) and to search and to send a message on LinkedIn, and to do a few more things on the Internet. 

    A “pure” sourcer needn’t be a recruiter, meaning that selling skills, being great on the phone and being a good negotiator may not be that critical. But a sourcer needs to be a people person in the sense of understanding how to communicate online, promote a brand, and make opportunities visible and attractive. That said, having all of those skills, both recruiting and sourcing, is not rare at all! 🙂

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