eGrabber Patents Sourcing of Emails

A VERY big shout out of congratulations to Chandra Bodapati (et al) for receiving a patent on “methods and systems for determining email addresses.” How cool is that?! I hope to interview him online about this soon. (fingers crossed)

In the meantime, I can only speculate what this means to all of the other recruiting tools on the market today. Will they have to pay Chandra a royalty if their tools work the way eGrabber products do? Will this slow down (or stop altogether) competing products from entering the market, or will they simply come up with new ways that do not infringe upon Chandra’s patent? For that matter, will it just be that competing products will do everything else but find free emails when sourcing leads?

Am I over thinking it? Chances are that I am. What do you think? Is this as big of a deal as I think it is? Let me know your thoughts.

Click here to read the patent in detail.

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eGrabber Patents the Sourcing of EmailsThis post originally appeared on Jim’s blog, The Recruiters Lounge.

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4 Comments on “eGrabber Patents Sourcing of Emails

  1. I’m concerned after reading the patent. Though its intention is geared towards a computer system, the term used is “seeking unit”. The methods used are the same ones any of us would perform putting this information together as a sourcer or recruiter. Potentially, this described method could apply to your actions described similarly within the patent. Basically, if you use the internet to figure out an email addy by deduction, then you might be violating the patent. It is way too broad and may violate pre-existing art and methods. So ANY company using ANY approach of compiling email addresses from deduction of internet based information, better contact them for licensing.

  2. Here is some background on the US Patent we at eGrabber just got awarded titled “Methods and systems for determining email addresses”

    We believe experts who source missing contact information, such as emails-ID, of prospects from the internet normally rely on an arsenal of search techniques, search scripts, industry knowledge, database sources & more.

    “experts” tend to find email ID faster because, they know which of the techniques to use first.

    When these experts conduct a search for an email ID of a prospect, they quickly know which of the techniques they need to deploy first, middle and last to home in quickly on results. They also are good at knowing when to quit a search if it is not yielding results.

    When people who are not experienced do a similar search, they usually try a few of the above scripts in random manner and slowly meander into results or give up because it is very confusing, laborious or time-consuming.

    At eGrabber we have developed a methodology where user at any level (admin, recruiter, sourcer expert) can get acceptable results within a few seconds to couple minutes with no knowledge of how to search. What we have patented to protect is this automated methodology..

    When the user enters name/company – eGrabber’s internal Product-search-expert
    runs through all the scripts sequenced in an expert manner – many running in parallel – to get you the email ID if it exists. If their email is not available, it will try to find email of colleagues closest to where your prospect works & statistically projects the most accurate email-ID for the person. It also provides confidence level in such projected emails.

    Our tools are used both by experts & non-experts to improve their daily productivity.

    If you want to try this technology, download a free trial from here

    Chandra Bodapati
    CEO / Founder – eGrabber

    1. Hopefully you have enough money to keep up with the litigation that will follow (either way). I foresee your company spending more time in the court rooms than in R&D. The people reviewing and accepting patents many a times do not understand implications but rather as robots verify against checklists their decisions to accept or reject an application. This application should have been rejected. This has got to be one of the most outrageous things I’ve heard in the recruiting industry.

  3. This is terrible new for sourcers and recruiters as it restricts the existence of a competitive market for such products. The patent is general enough that the companies behind many of people’s favorite sourcing tools could be taken to litigation, which depending on those companies’ structures and resources could result in those products being shut down. It also prevents new products from coming to market. Hard to see how this is a good thing.

    Let’s just hope eGrabber’s intent is to use the patent defensively and not offensively. Otherwise, sourcers and recruiters pay a penalty.

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