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Recently, ERE coordinated recruiter Meetups that happened all over the world. Did you attend one? If you did you may have enjoyed conversation with people of similar interests and come away with ideas and new things to try. I know that’s always the case for me when I take part in these types of events.

This is one of the reasons I started up a networking group a while back. I have watched groups all over the world discuss sourcing and related activities and I wanted to provide a platform for people with an interest in sourcing in my part of the world. I also wanted to promote sourcing and research as a specialist role, rather than an admin task that was treated only as an entry level position.

The Australasian Researchers Network is a community of people interested in sourcing, online search and search strategy. Until recently sourcing in Australia and New Zealand has been quite niche, and even now it’s still a growing subsection of the recruitment industry, although with all the interest in “social recruiting” it’s getting more attention.

There are a few things I would like to achieve through this group. Below are my main goals as stated on the website:

  • Members and visitors can learn more about sourcing and research.
  • Researchers and Sourcers gain a hub for sharing information.
  • Members have access to networking opportunities both as individuals and in groups.

Building a personal network in the industry you work in is important. By connecting with others, you can build a network in your industry and build your reputation. Also, there is nothing better than being able to connect with people who experience the same struggles (and triumphs) as you. Talking to people who do similar work and understand the issues always reinvigorates me and reminds me why I have passion for what I do.

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Humans are social creatures. We learn when we can discuss and bounce ideas off each other, and innovation doesn’t usually happen in isolation. We learn by sharing what we know, and gain knowledge in return through the connections we make. My own experience has shown me that when people with a common interest gather together, amazing things happen. I have learnt a lot about sourcing by talking to people in the sourcing industry, joining groups, and reading blogs. Through the ARN I want to provide a platform for people to do the same: learn by reading posts that cover some of the limitations that a fledgling industry has as well as finding and discussing answers to problems specific to the area we are recruiting in.

So take part in the conversation, see what you learn, and who you meet. Attend a networking function or Meetup, write an article or blog post, or comment on someone else’s (you could even start by commenting on this post) and contribute to the amazing sourcing community that we are part of.

Andrea Mitchell is a researcher and talent strategist. She has worked for a number of years developing Internet sourcing techniques and working with teams researching, training, and consulting on sourcing best practices and hard-to-fill roles, as well as integrating passive sourcing with social media and attraction strategies. As the founder of the Australasian Researchers Network,

Andrea’s goal is to grow this community of interest around sourcing and research so that it’s not only a meeting place for people to learn and collaborate, but that it also promotes research and sourcing as a career within the recruitment industry.


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