Combining Common Sourcing Tools to Create a Sourcing Solution – Part 4

Many tools come and go, but some have become very reliable in our efforts to better source talent. Sourcers are keen on the advantages of sourcing tools, but many are still learning the power behind combining sourcing tools to achieve optimal success.

Like in the card game Yu-Gi-Oh, you can combine tools or cards to create magic. Yu Gi Oh is a card game that is based on a well-known children’s show called Yu Gi Oh. In the show, the good guys battle using cards that when combined with particular hologram technology brings the cards to life. In some cases, you can combine these cards to do something extraordinary.

One such example is creating the Saber Hyunlei or Naturia Barkion. To do it you need two cards, but when you get them and use them, you get to utilize one of two monsters both of which are very powerful. While it can be hard to do at times, it is possible to win with the strategy. Sourcing can be the same way as well if certain tools are working together to create a winning sourcing strategy that creates sourcing magic.

For example, we all know contacting and engaging a candidate it incredibly important and very hard to do. You need to create the perfect email. To that end, if you were to combine Textio, Readability, Mosaictrack, Joblint, and, you can create the perfect email.

So let’s look at these tools; Textio is a tool that does a lot, but the part I am speaking about is their job description (JD) tool that will rank and suggest things improve your JD. The idea is you want the highest score you can get. The highest the score is the better the email.

Next up is, or, which is a tool that will give you some great information about your email. Things like; average grade reading level, automated reading score, a breakdown of the text, your tone, sentiment, and much more. This is all important as most auto translation tools do better when the level is around sixth grade. And since most people read on the fly or while doing other things the optimal reading level is eighth grade.

The third tool is Mosaictrack. This tool can give you the engagement level of your email. The higher the rating, the more engaging the email.

The fourth tool is Joblint. Joblint is a tool that uses advanced algorithms to determine the cultural, realism, recruiter, sexism, and tech makes up of your email. Meaning it will let you know if you are saying something is a way that might offend someone.

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The last tool is Melon-Stork. This site/tool allows you to check the spam score of your email. One of the biggest issues with emails is not getting to people and instead of going to their spam folder. These emails get caught because they have a high spam score. Ideally, you want a spam score of 4.9 or less. The close to zero you get the better. This site has tools that will check your spam score, and make recommendations how to improve them.

So think about this for a minute, we combined five tools; Textio, Readability-score, Mosaictrack, Joblint, and Melon-Stork to allow us to quickly and easily create the perfect email that will increase our response rate when reaching out to candidates. It does not get any better than that, a five-tool combo that takes your sourced candidate outreach to a whole new level and saves you time.



Jeremy is a Social Talent Ninja Certified Sourcing Professional who has not only received his certification but has been mentored by some of the best in the staffing industry. He is a Senior Talent Sourcer for Lockheed Martin.

Jeremy got his first hint at recruiting when he was recruited for both college and pro baseball. He then got a chance to do sourcing himself  as part of the “Search Authority.” He did this while attending college and getting his associates degree.


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  1. Thanks, Jeremy. What
    1) Bulk email tools
    2) Email chatbots do you suggest using with these?


    Keith H

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