Best of 2014 #8: How to Write an InMail They Can’t Refuse by @7Recruiter

Editor’s note: During the holidays, we’re counting down the Best of 2014. Our regular content will return in January.

Candidate engagement. It’s a topic on the lips and hearts of recruiters and talent acquisition professionals worldwide.

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With LinkedIn’s unending commitment to implementing changes, and with more and more potential candidates becoming fed-up with obtuse and clueless recruiters, it has become clearer than ever that mastering the art of candidate touch is imperative for people who desire success in this industry. You don’t want to get burned by LinkedIn for getting negative feedback on InMails and you certainly don’t want to repel potential candidates by reaching out to them in ways they don’t appreciate. 

Joshua Jones is director, talent solutions with ERE Media. He supports conferences and publications focused on human resources, talent acquisition, and talent management. Prior to joining ERE Media, he dedicated nearly seven years as a recruiter and sourcer to tackling hiring challenges for companies and organizations nationwide.


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