Best of 2014 #7: 10 Ways to Contact Candidates Without Relying on LinkedIn by @andyheadworth

Editor’s note: During the holidays, we’re counting down the Best of 2014. Our regular content will return in January.

What would your manager say if you had a 75% failure rate? Would he or she be happy?

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Turn it around the other way – you are successful 25% of the time – would that make it anymore palatable? Well, that’s what LinkedIn sales people are saying –  that having a 25% success rate with InMails is good and aspirational. That’s a great sales message that fills you with confidence in a product, right?

Andy Headworth works with companies to help them improve their recruitment strategies, recruitment processes, candidate attraction, employer branding, and recruitment content marketing strategies. He is currently writing his second book, Social Media Recruitment, which will be published early in 2015.


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