Best of 2014 #10: Tricks to Find Candidates in LinkedIn Groups by @HRMaryLou

Editor’s note: During the holidays, we’re counting down the Best of 2014. Our regular content will return in January.

As recruiters and sourcers, we’ve sat in front of our computers, eating our snacks, answering client phone calls and more importantly, searching for and developing new techniques and strategies to keep up with the always changing and elusive LinkedIn. As a recruiter, I have spent many hours trying to come up with innovative ways to find leads on LinkedIn to keep my hiring managers happy, all while eating my favorite pretzel M&M’s. (I like to think that multi-tasking is one of recruiters’ strengths.) Each time I feel as though I’ve found the LinkedIn promise land, I am abruptly reminded that this is only a small oasis. For example, tools such as Sell Hack and Lippl were widely used, but within a few months, our helpful resources were dried up and gone.

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Mary Lou Torres is an associate recruiter for ManpowerGroup Solutions - Recruitment Process Outsourcing. Her areas of expertise include sourcing, recruiting, employee relations, internship program development and training. She has gained a broad range of experience working due to her work at for-profit companies such as Forever 21 and non-profit organizations like Working Wardrobes.


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