Best of 2013 #9: Sourcing Hacks to View 3rd Degree and Out of Network Profiles on LinkedIn by @shaneabowen

Editor’s note: We’ve been counting down the top 20 SourceCon posts of 2013. This post by Shane Bowen is the 9th most read post this year. 

If you’re one of the many recruiters or sourcers that do not have a LinkedIn Talent Finder or Recruiter account, you’ve likely noticed that viewing “full” 3rd degree connections has become more of a challenge recently. Below, you’ll find several solutions that will allow you to view full 3rd degree and Out of Network connections on LinkedIn, with little effort.

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Shane Bowen is an accomplished Technical Sourcer & Full-Cycle Recruiter leveraging 10+ years of experience developing and executing innovative and scalable recruiting strategies in both agency and corporate environments, including Microsoft and Amazon. Shane has an unparalleled passion for all things Talent Acquisition and sharing his expertise with peers and the next generation of recruiting professionals. If you would like to connect with Shane, please reach out via the following: LinkedIn, Twitter @ShaneABowen or shane [at]


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