Best of 2013 #8: Why Is It So Difficult to Find Good Sourcers?

Editor’s note: Between now and the new year we will be counting down the top 20 SourceCon posts of 2013. This post was the 8th most read post of the year. Our regular content will return in January.

I’ve covered this in various forms over the last few years, but I’m going to be explicit right now. From my viewpoint as a current hybrid of Sourcer and Full Lifecycle Recruiter, there are five main reasons.

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  1. You, the employer, have unrealistic expectations of what a Sourcer can produce
  2. Misunderstanding of what the role of a Sourcer does
  3. Not emphasizing the partnerships between Sourcing and Account Management
  4. Lack of respect and viewing Sourcing as a senior function
  5. Underpaying Sourcers

Kristen Fife is a senior technical recruiter in the greater Seattle area. She has been in recruiting since 2004, starting as contract Researcher for the Microsoft Strategic Recruiting Group before moving into full lifecycle agency recruiting for Volt Technical Services. Her move into corporate recruiting started with both sourcing and full lifecycle contract roles at Microsoft (including MSFT Research, Legal, and various product groups). In addition to Microsoft, Kristen worked for 3 years for RealNetworks/GameHouse as the Senior Technical Recruiter and Sourcing Specialist; at the University of Washington/Harborview Medical Centers as a Sourcer, as well as smaller companies such as Varolii (now part of Nuance Communications), Covestic, and bSquare. Currently she is an RPO Senior Technical Recruiter, she sits on the Leadership Team for Sourcing7, and is a regular presenter, trainer, panelist, and speaker in the Seattle area for recruiting forums and job seekers. She has been a regular contributor to the Seattle Times, including an employment topic column, regular blog, and the NWJobs Hire Wire newsletter for the local recruiting industry. Her blog for job seekers receives several thousand hits a week. She has been quoted in several publications including ABCNews, AOL, the Seattle Times, and The Wall Street Journal.


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