Best of 2013 #7: Hacking the Graph for Better Sourcing and Recruiting on Facebook by @theBalazs

Editor’s note: Between now and the new year we will be counting down the top 20 SourceCon posts of 2013. This post was the 7th most read post of the year. Our regular content will return in January.

Facebook is busy building pages, and there is a page for everything. My profile is a page, but also, my employer which I added to my profile, Randstad Sourceright, is also a page. There are also fanpages, pages of interests, language pages, you can even check in at certain places – and as said, places and any locations listed on Facebook are also just pages. The same structure exists everywhere!

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Why is it so amazing for us? Because every page Facebook has developed has a unique ID number that Graph Search is using when you enter and run a search query.

Balazs Paroczay is the Manager of the EMEA Shared Recruitment Centre at Randstad Sourceright. Prior to joining Randstad Sourceright, Balazs worked in various corporate Talent Resourcing, RPO and Direct Hire leadership roles.

Balazs has nearly a decade of sourcing experience under his belt and is passionate about talent acquisition, discovering innovative resourcing tools and solutions and creating best-in-class talent resourcing strategies. He excels at social networking and plays a significant role within the global sourcing communities as a well-recognised sourcing thought leader.

Connect with him on Twitter, LinkedIn, and his blog.


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