Another New Aggregator For Sourcers:

In the world of sourcing and technology, as one people aggregator retires a new one quietly emerges. With each new product launch, technology has become more robust, efficient, and expeditious at delivering information. Our sourcing community grieved over the exodus of Contact Scout, which was a great people aggregator used by many sourcing professionals. Quickly after its departure, we discovered that Full Contact bought Vibe and Vibe was sadly eliminated. With all of this damaging news, fear not my brave sourcing brethren because we now have is a new people aggregator that produces exceptional analytics. It works on LinkedIn and besides finding contact information, it will also bring you the probability of candidates changing jobs, salary information, a breakdown of their experience, education and a way to save this information into a Google spreadsheet. Below is what you get when viewing a candidate’s profile on LinkedIn, (part of the name and picture were deleted to protect their privacy).


If it does not show an email address, all you need to do is push the blue “find email” button and it will do the rest. If you scroll down within the block above, when in LinkedIn, you can see more information, such as company ratings, growth, size and industry as well as a school with degree program ranking. When you save them to a Google Sheet using the button in green and then open the Sheet, you get the image below, (again some info removed for privacy).


Notice you get their LinkedIn URL, first AND last name, location, email, availability, job title, company and education, all in a pretty spreadsheet ready to be download and upload into your CRM or ATS. is a great sourcing tool, that provides so much more than just contact information. Best of all it is free and we all know how much we sourcing and recruiting professionals love our toys, especially the new, shiny, free ones.

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Jeremy is a Social Talent Ninja Certified Sourcing Professional who has not only received his certification but has been mentored by some of the best in the staffing industry. He is a Senior Talent Sourcer for Lockheed Martin.

Jeremy got his first hint at recruiting when he was recruited for both college and pro baseball. He then got a chance to do sourcing himself  as part of the “Search Authority.” He did this while attending college and getting his associates degree.


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  1. Looks great but it does require permission to access your Drive, which might be (read: should be) against (the IT security policy of many companies (check with your IT specialist first!) and the full functionality ‘(including likelihood of changing job, estimated base salary, etc.) is currently for U.S. based individuals only’.

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