A Quick Experiment With the New Facebook Messenger Web Interface by @thecandidategen

With the news of the new Facebook dedicated web interface for messenger, I wondered what I could do with this new offering.

I did a quick test with an Engineer at a Madrona Venture Group portfolio company who I am not connected to on Facebook.

I did a search for Engineers at that “company” in Facebook Graph Search. You can also use the FB UID search feature. Next, I used FB UID Scraper to pull the search results from Facebook into an Excel Spreadsheet.  

I opened the new Facebook Messenger (see below) and searched first for the engineer’s email, then his UID, and finally he came up under his name. Some people can be found using email or name. The UID has not worked for me yet.

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Results: I sent him a message and it appeared in his chat window on Facebook, remember we are not connected.

fb messenter

This post appeared previously on thecandidategenerator.com.

Todd Davis took his first AIRS certification test in 1998 and was the first external Internet Recruiter, as they were called at the time, hired by Microsoft. He has had the opportunity to work with Google, Yahoo!, Starbucks and others during his career. He has trained sources\recruiters at various companies during his career and has recently spoken at the Talent42 conference and at the Sourcing 7 (S7) organization in Seattle. He is currently a Senior Talent Acquisition Professional at Madrona Venture Group.


4 Comments on “A Quick Experiment With the New Facebook Messenger Web Interface by @thecandidategen

  1. Interesting, hadn’t heard about this change. Are you suggesting this avoids having to pay to message people you aren’t connected with? (do you share a group or connections with the example contact above?)

  2. Adding to South’s question, do the message sent through this process go to the main fb inbox or the “other” folder, which is what the nominal message fee is for.

  3. Wouldn’t be surprised if they locked this down soon. I’ve already received a few spam messages thru messenger. @disqus_3lGXAF0NMA:disqus this is for messenger which is separate from the fb inbox.

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