A New Year, A New Tool

Are you up for adding a new toy to your sourcing toolbox? Then get familiar with ToofrJeremy Da Costa had briefly touched on it as a resource in a few of his previous posts, but I wanted to take a deeper dive and kick the tires on it. Essentially, Toofr is a pretty simple and easy to use tool to discover contact info for candidate leads. I was able to talk with CEO Ryan Buckley to get more info on it and what makes it stand out.

First, I had to know the backstory with the name. “Toofr was originally a side project I was working on apart from my main CEO role at another organization, so I was pulling double duty to get it launched. Also, my wife is a big fan of the TV show ’30 Rock’, which has a character named Toofer. We liked the name, and it just stuck,” said Buckley.

As far as functions, Toofr does more than just find emails. Users can discover email combinations of any company in their database, test and validate single use emails, or scrape names from any web page. No verifier can provide perfect email accuracy, but instead of showing validity through percentage rates, Toofr gives confidence scores of ‘High”, ‘Medium,’ or ‘Low.’ If an email address returns as ‘High,’ it means there’s a five percent or less chance of a bounce back. ‘Medium’ means there’s a 15% or less chance of a bounce back and ‘Low’ means there’s a 20-25% chance of a bounce back. Buckley stated that their current database consists of over 200 million emails on over 25 million people. And that database is continuously growing.

Let’s see some features in action. If we’re looking for staff contact information at Proactive Talent Strategies, for example, we would use the ‘Get Emails’ tool and enter their domain (proactivetalent.io).

Or if you’re looking to verify single use emails, toss it into the ‘Test Emails’ feature.

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And get company email combinations as well:

But how does Toofr compare with other tools like EmailBreaker, Clearbit, ContactOut, Hiretual, EmailHippo, etc.? Each tool, by comparison, may specialize in different functions and may use various measurement data or validity ratings to gauge accuracy. So it may not be an exact, clear-cut comparison straight across, but the commonalities Toofr has with other email tools regarding overall accuracy measure up very well. The most prominent advantage Toofr has is the list marketplace, which has lots of potentials and is continuously growing. Much like the concept for the Boolean String Bank where crowdsourced strings can be housed, creating an industry and crowdsourced community will change how some Sourcers research, collect and distribute data. And adding a monetization piece to the process is a whole other component altogether, especially involving issues of data ownership.

David Nicola comes with 20 years of experience in various Human Services functions and has been in staffing since 2010. His sourcing background includes agency, corporate, and startup environments. David also founded Central Coast Recruiters on Meetup. After hanging up his sourcing superhero cape each day, he enjoys spending time with his awesome family and playing guitar. You can connect with him on LinkedInTwitter, or Instagram.


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  1. I flirted with the idea of selling some of the massive lists I have on their site. I’ve found that people not willing to pay more than a few pennies per lead even if they are highly targeted and accurate. The system also fails to work on large projects when attempting bulk work and it can’t handle additional columns of data other than name, company, email, so you would have to saw together a workflow to use this to handle bulk actions.

    I like the concept and have chatted with Ryan Buckley about it, but I am not happy with that part of the tool.

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