3 Issues With Facebook Graph Search

Facebook Graph Search is rather limited (surprised?). Often, when we search for something we do not get (the right or any) results. I have listed three major issues below but – don’t panic! – I also figured out the solutions for them.

(1) When entering a search query into Graph Search (e.g. People who live in…) Facebook try to figure out what you are after and offer you variations of search queries. Nice! however, when you try and search for something special Facebook seem not to understand your wish.


(2) Have you seen Facebook’s request to use ‘simple phrases’? Well, ‘simple phrases’ usually are not applicable when we are sourcing. The query of searching for ‘Linux Engineers who live in Gelderland, Netherlands and speak Dutch’ contains three requirements and Facebook fail with that.

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(3) Sourcers need to use keywords in their searches and while we understand Facebook is not as keyword-rich as LinkedIn is we believe there should be a way to search for, at least, job titles and employers. The sad fact is that this seems to be the most limited within Graph Search… so R.I.P. Facebook sourcing?


Of course not! I am going to show you the newest tricks how to maximize your location, language, employer and job title search. There is a solution for everything just be patient and bear with me. Tomorrow, I will show you how to solve these problems. Update… Click here to see the solutions.

Balazs Paroczay is the Manager of the EMEA Shared Recruitment Centre at Randstad Sourceright. Prior to joining Randstad Sourceright, Balazs worked in various corporate Talent Resourcing, RPO and Direct Hire leadership roles.

Balazs has nearly a decade of sourcing experience under his belt and is passionate about talent acquisition, discovering innovative resourcing tools and solutions and creating best-in-class talent resourcing strategies. He excels at social networking and plays a significant role within the global sourcing communities as a well-recognised sourcing thought leader.

Connect with him on Twitter, LinkedIn, and his blog.


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